Spin Communications is a public relations agency offering a variety of marketing services to meet the unique and individual objectives of our clients. Unparalleled media relation’s abilities, individualized pitching and attention to detail are keys to our success. Our team offers expertise in publicity/media relations, social media services, integrated marketing, community relations, media training, event planning, crisis communications and more.

Publicity/Media Relations

Spin assesses and implement media relations in all disciplines – print, radio, television and online. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify creative story opportunities and maintain strong relationships with media contacts throughout the country to aid in placing stories. Spin has a strong media placement track record enjoys stories waiting to be told.

Social Media Services

Spin has a unique approach to blending traditional media and social platforms to create a complete PR program. We will work with our clients/brands to develop a social media campaign focused on growing your follower base while creating maximum engagement (comments, likes and saves) across social platforms. Engagement is key to connecting brands with audience. Our team oversees daily activity on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that includes posting, responding, running contests, asking questions and connecting with potential new followers.

Digital Marketing

The best way to leverage your press coverage and earned media is to boost your message via a targeted digital marketing campaign.  Spin PR can build marketing campaigns across social and search to maximize reach and drive people to your call to action.    This gives you access to huge audiences that would otherwise be out of reach.  We create the campaigns, do the targeting, manage the budgets and optimize to your marketing goals.   This is a turnkey marketing solution.

Influencer Outreach

Spin develops social campaigns to incorporate influencer partnerships that leverage the strong engagement of key figures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. From mommie Tweeters to foodie Instagrammers, we will connect your brand to the influencer(s) that best suit your campaign.


From small press conferences to large launch parties, our team creates and coordinates unique happenings of all sizes to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives. Whether the goal is to generate media to drive attendance or unveil a new product, Spin creates launch parties, press conferences and large-scale events designed to wow.

Complete Product and Company Launch Support Outreach

Includes everything from strategic counsel and product positioning to social media efforts and media relations.

Content Development – the creation of press materials, website content, marketing materials verbiage, signage, social media copy, advertorial copy, etc. all play a crucial role in every PR plan

Message Building – Spin will work with each client to identify and create key messages that can be used throughout all marketing efforts, ensuring all team members are on the same page. No matter who is communicating, everyone is sharing the same messages to build the brand.

Community Relations

We arrange partnerships with our clients and not-for-profit organizations, proving to be successful in gaining positive exposure and extremely gratifying as well.

Media Training

From perfecting television sound bites to preparing for speaking engagements, our team provides comprehensive media training workshops. Spin media trains clients to assure a solid understanding of key messages and to prepare all levels for potential media interviews. Training includes key message tutorials, spokesperson development and videotaped mock interviews.

Crisis Communications

From shootings to harrowing Coast Guard rescues, our team is experienced in developing complete crisis communications plans to anticipate potential issues and provide media and community relations expertise to minimize damage.